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Sat, Jun 17




Jeremy Finlay's Summer comedy, concert, and conversation series.

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Time & Location

Jun 17, 2023, 6:00 PM – Jun 18, 2023, 12:00 AM

Sandy, 11360 Pepper Cir, Sandy, UT 84092, USA

About the event

Unleash the wonders of the mind, the magic of laughter, and the power of music at the unmissable kick off summer event of the year – Symposia.

Tailored to refresh the spirit, renew perspective, and inspire creativity, Symposia is the playground of the progressive, the oasis of the optimistic, and the hub of the harmonious.

Symposia bring together the resonating beats of music, the joyous echoes of comedy, and the profound insights of stimulating conversation in one unforgettable gathering. This pioneering three-part event is designed to uplift, promote, and connect our vibrant community, celebrating local talent and fostering thought leadership.

Part 1: Concert

Immerse yourself in the refreshing vibrancy of our local music scene. Our Concert segment showcases a diverse array of gifted local artists, giving them a platform to share their passion and melody with an appreciative audience. From the pulsating rhythms of indie rock to the sweet, soothing strains of folk, from the electrifying zing of pop to the soulful allure of R&B, Symposia’s concert scene pulses with the rich variety of our musical landscape. Expect an evening where every chord struck resonates, invigorates, and uplifts, leaving you rejuvenated and your spirit soaring on the wings of melody.

Part 2: Comedy

Laughter is the best medicine, and at Symposia, we serve it in generous doses. Our Comedy segment is guaranteed to tickle your funny bone, featuring some of the most entertaining and creative humorists in the region. Surrender to the mirth, let go of your inhibitions and let laughter take control. Our roster of comics skillfully weave tales, satire, and life observations into their performances, making you chuckle, guffaw, and giggle, leaving you lighter, happier, and more connected with the shared joy of the human experience.

Part 3: Conversation

Step into the intellectual realm with our Conversation segment, designed to ignite dialogue, stimulate thoughts, and inspire ideas. Engage with thought leaders, innovators, and business professionals as they delve into pressing issues, share their insights, and propose novel solutions. Aiming to foster thought-provoking discussions and meaningful exchanges, this segment is a rich soil where ideas bloom, perspectives are broadened, and innovative visions are shared. It's not just a conversation; it's an opportunity to absorb, to question, to learn, and to grow.

Symposia isn’t just an event; it's a journey.

A journey through the transcendent realms of music, the cathartic realm of laughter, and the exploratory terrain of conversation. It’s a journey that promises to refresh your mind, renew your spirit, and inspire your heart.

Come and partake in the magic of Symposia, where every note strummed, every laugh shared, and every word uttered propels us towards a better, more connected, and more joyful community. Be part of the movement, join the Symposia tribe, and let's set out together on this extraordinary journey of music, laughter, and enlightenment.

But now let's talk about the venue itself: Finlay Park

Welcome to a haven away from the city's clamor and into the tranquillity of nature, hosted at Jeremy Finlay's personal creative compound. Nestled in a lush park surrounded by woodlands, this ethereal site blends rustic charm with cultivated beauty. The meticulously manicured woodland grasses under your feet, the ancient trees whispering tales of the ages, and an enchanting 8-foot waterfall cascading rhythmically—each element comes together to create a picturesque backdrop for Symposia.

The grounds will be lush with blankets, an open invitation to bask in the summer sun, lay back, and let the melodies wash over you. The scents of delectable food will waft through the air, from the fiery sizzle of gourmet burgers to the sweet allure of artisanal ice creams. Our gastronomic delights are thoughtfully curated to titillate your taste buds, marrying well with the feast for the senses that Symposia promises to be.

But what truly sets Symposia apart is the warmth and camaraderie of the people. Embrace the shared laughs, ideas, and dance steps with old friends and new. Each attendee adds their unique note to our harmonious symphony, contributing to the vibrant mosaic of our diverse community.

Symposia is more than a gathering—it's a celebration of summer, a time when days are long, spirits are high, and hearts are open. Our event is designed to kick off the season with an outpouring of music, laughter, and intellectual stimulation, capturing the vibrance and fun we all yearn for. As the sun sets, painting the sky with shades of twilight, we continue our celebration under a canopy of stars, our laughter echoing in the cool night air, our ideas sparking under the twinkling cosmos.

Come, step into our summer wonderland. Breathe in the fresh woodland air, soak up the serene beauty, and join us in creating an unforgettable experience.

Symposia. At the heart of summer, at the pulse of community, at the crossroads of refreshment, renewal, and inspiration.

Let’s kick off the season together and let the summer fun begin.

I'll see you there, my friends.

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